walmart pay at fuels
My summer 2020 remote UX design internship at Walmart eCommerce.

I had the great pleasure to work at Walmart Labs as a UX design intern on their Financial Services team in Summer 2020 remotely. During 10 weeks, I worked on an end to end user research + service design project to expand Walmart’s digital wallet, Walmart Pay, at fuel stations.

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Walmart Pay is a free digital payment service in the Walmart mobile app that works in Walmart stores at registers. In early July, Walmart Pay launched at selected fuel stations. Currently, Walmart Pay provides customers with: touch-free payment, savings on fuel purchases, and e-Receipts.

my timeline

user research

Due to limitations on travel and in-person contact brought about by COVID-19, the team was not able to conduct in-person user research. Instead, it was decided to use a video diary to capture the current fueling experience and remote interviews to assess the current MVP WM Pay fuels payment experience.

I was in charge of the video diary portion, and conducted a few interview sessions. Before that, I also conducted ethnographic research myself during two field trips to a WM fuel station near Atlanta to better understand the customer fueling experience at Walmart.

my design

I was asked to design a service blueprint for the current experience and give recommendations based on potential business opportunities based on previous user research insights.

* This service is still in the process of developing and implementing. Due to NDA, I am not able to share more details publicly. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out to me at shuyugao99@gmail 🙂 !

key takeaways

  • How to put myself in the researcher’s shoes as a designer.
    This is my first time conducting user research & testing within a virtual setting, and then turning the insights into design solutions. It brought me a deeper appreciation of how researchers dig into people’s needs, and how designers create better designs to advocate for them.
  • Embrace the new service design world and learn from people around.
    When the internship started, I had limited knowledge and experience in service design. Learning it through research and reaching out to experienced designers within the company, I am glad that this internship has opened up a new door for me into another field of experience design.
  • Designers connect people and visions.
    My final design solutions were based on the effort of a team. I’ve listened to different types of users, talked to different colleagues in different teams, put the puzzles together into the big picture, and then iterate on it based on people’s feedbacks. I also learned how to efficiently make use of existing design systems and leveraging others’ designs.

team feedbacks

Here are some feedbacks I received from my manager, researcher, and mentor :)

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